Begins with a trip!

Immediately entering the summer, it was apparent that the need to get out of town and away from the shop was great. What better place to go on a vacation than your our own hometown? So I headed to Puerto Rico to spend a couple of weeks revisiting some of the old sites, the family, and of course, the family restaurants. There is nothing better than eating something that isn’t prepackaged or for on the go. Here are a couple of examples of what I re-encountered:



Named and shaped after the canoes, canoas are made out of sweet plantain and ground beef, commonly topped with cheese. There is not just one way to make the plate, as many families add their own tastes to the meal. However, here is a link to a recipe:




Appetizers that closely resemble Chinese chicken fingers, they’re commonly full of cheese instead of chicken, though the later is also a nice treat. These treats are made of out of dough of corn flour, flattened and spread to be filled with cheese or chicken before being rolled up and fried. Here is a link to a recipe:



Home sweet home.

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